Rally Up is the social network that emphasizes privacy and cuts out noise.

Rally Up is a new kind of social network for your Real Friends - the people that actually should know your location (spouse, family, close friends, etc.)

Rally Up combines private microblogging with location, allowing users to share text, photos and direct message each other.

Rally Up allows you to check in to the places you go. Every time you check in, your real friends are notified.

Our app is a very popular mobile with young people who predominately use smartphones or tablets as their main computing device.

Now Available - free in the iPad App Store.

Experience your real social network in a whole new way. With a 9.7" LED-backlit display, Rally Up for the iPad puts your social grid at your fingertips. You will find many iPad videos at Mobile Informers which will show you how to use our app, as well as many other social functions of the iPad.

Compatible with nearly all Internet service providers and mobile broadband devices. Scroll around and see what your friends are up to, message them and make plans. This fully featured iPad app uses the larger screen to emphasize where your real friends are and what's around them.